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Kaatskill Life Magazine


Zacharczenko, N. and Zacharczenko, B. 2014. Dr. Zach’s Amazing Catskill Critters. Mr. Nick Productions, Ballston Lake NY

          A compendium of all of our Kaatskill Life magazine articles, up to mid-2015. 

My articles


It's my turn

Amphibious Landing

Katy Didn't

Corn Snake Confusion

Lobsters of the Pond

Loathsome Leeches

Pretty Painted Pictas

Ambushing the Ambush Bug

A Myriad of Myriapods

It Began with Insects

Aerial Pest Control

Deadly or Docile?

Dermestid Beetles: Friend or Foe?

Mr. Toad's New Suit

See the Sea Monkeys

All Bundled Up

Crafty Caterpillars

The Elusive Horntails

Insects in Art

Praying for Prey

Going Buggy for Blattodea

Appaled by Galls

Since the early 1990s my father and I have collaborated on these articles, with our own section "Learning about Kaatskill Kritters". When I was younger I would catch and hold the study subject for a photo. As I grew older, I began writing my own articles. Currently, we take turns writing for the magazine. 


My father taught me many valuable lessons in life, but the most influential was the attitude that going outside to catch bugs and snakes is normal. Exploring nature is just something you're supposed to do. I have taken great joy in assisting my father with these articles, and writing my own, because they bring to life the oft overlooked neighbors we share our backyards and homes with. I hope we can inspire budding naturalists of all ages to go outside and find some of their own Catskill critters.

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