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Journal Figures


Final figures published in my own publications, and freelance scientific illustrations for use in publications by other scientists.

Sympistis forbesi
Chaetotaxy and mandible
Sympistis forbesi
Acronictinae TBOs
Trifine brush organs / abdominal courtship brushes for four acronictine species
Alewife illustrations for Dr. Jon Velotta
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Drawings done entirely in pen and ink, with traditional stippling technique.

Acronicta falcula
9x12" pen and ink on double sided drafting film
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Line Drawings


Drawings done entirely in pen and ink.

Resting postures
7 different resting postures of Acronicta caterpillars
Acronicta setae
Setae of Acronicta afflicta and Acronicta funeralis
Beetles mating
Beetles mating
Craneflies mating
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Some drawings were done first by pencil and/or ink, then finished using a tablet and photoshop and/or illustrator.

The ones that look like paintings were done with the app Fresh Paint on a Surface 3 tablet.

Acronicta setae
Setae from 8 different Acronicta species
Acronicta paddle setae
Paddle-shaped setae from 5 different Acronicta species
Acronicta ova
Ova from 12 different Acronicta species
Acronicta heads
Four different Acronicta head patterns
Acronicta afflicta
Drawn in the app Fresh Paint
Acronicta aceris
Drawn in the app Fresh Paint
Acronicta lobeliae
Drawn in the app Fresh Paint
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Marker drawings colored with either Sharpies or Prismacolor markers.



Pencil sketches.

Typical caterpillar head and setae
Caterpillar sketch
Acronicta ova
Two Acronicta eggs showing the developing larvae.
Sympistis forbesi
Larval sketches
Pooping caterpillar
Acronicta americana caterpillar caught in the act of dropping frass.
Trifine Brush Organ
TBO of Mythimna sp.
Preliminary sketches
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