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Illustration Galleries

All images are © Brigette Valencia Zacharczenko, and may not be reproduced or otherwise used without permission. I am amenable to requests for free image use on blogs, educational websites, and for classroom lectures. Any for-profit uses (books, advertisements, etc.) will require a fee. Please contact me for any image use request.  Looking for educational materials? See this page


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Journal Figures

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Final figures published in my own publications, and freelance scientific illustrations for use in publications by other scientists.


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Drawings done entirely in pen and ink, with traditional stippling technique.

Line Drawings

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Drawings done entirely in pen and ink.


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Some drawings were done first by pencil and/or ink, then finished using a tablet and photoshop and/or illustrator.

The ones that look like paintings were done with the app Fresh Paint on a Surface 3 tablet.


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Marker drawings colored with either Sharpies or Prismacolor markers.


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Pencil sketches.

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